Reusable Surgical Protective Gowns

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Ireland and UK


Moville reusable surgical protective gowns

Size: One Size

Moville Reusable Surgical Gowns provide comfort, breathability, fluid barrier performance, durability and low rates of particle release and linting.

Our reusable surgical gowns are made to order using Toray Textiles Europe's advanced medical anti-static fabric manufactured with carbon yarn that conforms to the EN 13795 standard. It provides a proven durable anti-static fabric solution that can be industrially laundered and sterilised (100 washes up to 73°C). Providing a much more sustainable solution to the challenges we face in the healthcare sector than disposable products.

Key features

  • breathable and comfortable
  • easy donning design
  • fluid and microbe resistant
  • machine washable - 100 washes up to 73°C
  • 99.3% polyester, 0.7% carbon graft

Critical and less critical product areas

According to EN 13795-1 (2019), the fabric "Bakewell; 99.3% Polyester, 0.7% Carbon Graft - 100 washes @73°C and tumble dried" fulfils the requirements to be used for:

  • Gowns - Standard performance for Critical and Less Critical product areas
  • Gowns - High performance for Less Critical product area

Enquire about ordering our surgical gowns

For larger orders please email us your enquiry This garment is manufactured in Ireland at our factory in Moville Co. Donegal. It is currently only available to customers in Ireland and UK.

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